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Voltage Optimisation

Reduce your energy bills and carbon emissions with Voltage Optimisation. Crush Powers offer a range of environmentally friendly energy-saving solutions.

We are all paying for wasted energy!

European common standards mean our electrical equipment works at around 220v. Delivering over this voltage is a waste of energy. UK utility companies can supply electricity at 253v, so we are all paying for surplus, unused energy.

So, what is the answer?

By optimising the amount of energy supplied directly to your electrical appliances, you will see instant savings on your bills. Crush Power can provide a range of optimisation devices for commercial clients, producing significant annual savings.

Typical savings range from 8% to 15% but as a good guide (based on existing installations), if your yearly electricity bill is around £66,000, you can save as much as £9,900 a year.

Voltage Optimisation

How much could you save?

Our calculator shows you how much you could potentially save.

How much does a voltage optimisation unit cost?

The cost to you is zero. We supply and install the equipment when we install a Solar PV with a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).

There is no catch, no hassle, and no hidden fees. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but a whole lot to gain!

What if I would prefer to purchase the equipment?

You can purchase the equipment after seeing the initial savings report and benefit from additional savings.

Further Benefits

With your electricity usage now operating at the correct voltage, the lifespan of your equipment will increase, so you’ll gain further significant savings on replacing equipment. 

You will also reduce your carbon footprint.

You can manage the system entirely remotely.

Some of the UK's largest companies take advantage of voltage optimisation

Secure funding for your project

Contact us to find out how you can get secure funding for a project, and we’ll discuss how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint and help save the environment.


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