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Our Mission

Crush Power is on a mission! We want to help want businesses spend less on energy and lower their carbon footprint at the same time. We offer UK businesses expert Energy Brokerage.

After more than ten years of experience in the industry, it became clear that few energy brokers delivered expertise, transparency, and value for money.

We use our industry knowledge to drive down costs, communicate our knowledge, and are truthful about our profit margins. We aim to help businesses become better energy consumers while encouraging understanding and trust.

Furthermore, we want to make business energy understandable and simple because if you can’t explain something in plain English, you don’t understand it well enough.

Our Service

Our procurement service helps business owners reduce their energy bills without making any functional changes.

Of course, there’s more to energy brokerage than just procurement and our additional services will help you to understand and control your energy usage in various ways. 

Some say business energy is complex, but once you understand it well enough, you will soon see this is not the case.

Our Prices

Currently, the energy industry is unregulated. The lack of directives allows some brokers to disguise huge fees when drawing up clients’ contracts, which they have no legal obligation to disclose.

At Crush Power, we have nothing to hide. We add a low, fully informed margin to your unit rates based on your energy spend, the number of sites you won, and your service requirements.

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If you have any form of commercial business such as a hotel, restaurant, sports facilities, or manufacturing unit where energy bills are killing your profits, then you need to talk to our energy specialist.

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